Who is Selma Ören

DSC_0140_ttSelma Ören; born in Eindhoven, The Netherlands in 1973,where she has successfully completed the pre-university education at the Common Schools Genderdal in 1992. During her university studies at the law school in Nijmegen, the interest in Turkey caused by a summer internship at a renowned law firm (Özsunay Law office, 1995) in Istanbul. Private law graduated in 1997, the move to Turkey soon taken.

The Turkish legislation is not easy reading. On the contrary. In all these complex rules and laws about you as an individual or as a business entrepreneur are not waiting for lawyers who make it more complex. What you do need is clarity. And above all: realistic language. We keep the threshold low and we do not promise mountains of gold, but make a sober assessment of the situation. We give you advice on your chances and opportunities. For example this could be through a first introduction. If your chances are small, we are also honest enough to say that a case is impossible to win, so you and we do not waste time on an impossible case.

You can call or send an e-mail for making an appointment for an introduction conversation.

During this meeting we will make an assessment of your situation and decide whether we can help you further. Simple issues are resolved immediately as possible. In particularly complex cases, we can inform you in advance about possible legal action, the time required to expect and the possible chance of success of your case.


  • Katholieke University Nijmegen, The Netherlands, L.L.M. , 1997
  • The Manchester Metropolitan University, U.K., L.L.B. , 1996
  • The University of Istanbul, Turkey, L.L.M. , 2003


  • Corporate Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Family Law
  • Trade Law
  • Family Law
  • Succession Law
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Injury, Insurance Law, Liability

Known Languages

  • Speaks Your Clients’ Language
  • Attorney Selma Ören, speaks Dutch, English, Turkish and German


  • Member of Lawyer Antalya since 2003