Contract Law

Many contracts-related disputes are caused by unclear recording of agreements or worse, not recording the agreements. The result can be a lengthy and costly procedure. You can prevent this by drawing up good agreements.

Commercial law
• Drafting and reviewing contracts,
• Terms and conditions,
• Establishment of companies,
• Acquisition measures,
• Employee participation rights,
• Decision-making and representation,
• Shares and stocks,
• Share transfer,
• Assets or liabilities transactions,
• Agency and distribution agreements,
• Commercial contracts (franchise, cooperation, distribution agreements),
• Financing contracts (loans) and security certificates (bank guarantees, sureties),
• Rental agreements for business or residential accommodation.

Tenancy law
• Rental of business premises,
• Substitutive representation,
• Rental rates,
• Co-tenancy and continuation of rental,
• End of the rental,
• Rental of living space.

Construction and real estate law
• Construction contracts,
• Agreement or contract of employment,
• Contracts with architects and consultants,
• Construction liability and insurance,
• Product liability.

Consumer law
• Purchase and sale conflicts,
• Contracts,
• Dissolution of agreements,
• Warranty,
• Product liability and,
• Damage.