Debt Collection

According to the regulations in Turkey, only lawyers are eligible to represent creditors in the debt collection procedures and to act in legal process on behalf of clients. 

Ören Law Office is specialized in international debt collections and represents clients to collect debts arising in one country and on the other hand collection which in another country require. Also, we maintain both a local and an international collection practice.

A debt collection procedure consists of two projects in Turkey, the amicable and judicial process.

Amicable process
The amicable process is a friendly regime that implies locating and examining the debtor and contacting it. It seeks to reach an agreement in an informal way.

Judicial process
The judicial process of a debt collection procedure involves, going to the court to equalize the debt. Note that according to the regulations in Turkey, only the lawyers are eligible to represent the creditors in the proceedings of the debt collection, and act on behalf of clients in legal process. Legal transactions, contracts, and actions be made by companies on behalf of creditors are null and void.