Family Law

Are you married in Turkey and you want a divorce because of marital problems?
In Turkey, divorce procedures always go through courts. Our specialized lawyers in family law can help you with this problem.

Do you have other concerns besides this such as questions about your prenuptial agreement? Or do you just want more information about cohabitation, authority and custody of children? Please feel free to contact one of our staff members. We would be glad to help you.

A court is often unavoidable in a relationship that no longer works. In case of a divorce, negative feelings might quickly get maximized. Even at such moments, we work on finding a reasonable approach.

Divorce mediation
Conversations in a divorce mediation setting can at times be quite nerve-wracking and difficult. We deal with both parties in a conversation, trying to find a middle ground. The outcome is usually long-standing because ex-spouses work together on that result and are jointly responsible for it. The whole process of divorce mediation is actively supervised by us.

Together we look at the possibilities for a good arrangement for the association and care of the children. If one approach does not work, we will look together for a different approach. If consultation fails, then in extreme cases a procedure will be started in court. Sometimes we see depends on the situation that no arrangement better is concerning parental access (less bad) or access arrangements.

Maintenance allowance
Alimony is the most troublesome issue in divorce. Not willing to pay to an ex-partner. However, remember that on the other hand it is just as natural to desire alimony from the other, especially if you have nothing.