Real Estate Law

Investing in a project or a property abroad often revolves around large amounts of money and involves many risks with it. It may happen that you do payments, spread over various phases of the project. Do you want to be sure that you will get the key of your dream home at the end? Or that the contractor has not get out with your money?
Our firm offers you 100% property guarantee, or your full purchase amount back, and close your risks out.

This means:

  • 100% Guarantee to receive the Tapu (the title of deed) 
  • 100% guarantee on return of your purchase price

Our practice has a wide knowledge in the field of real estate and constructions in Turkey.
Our lawyers and attorneys are competent the rules and laws and they can advise you in your own language.

Our lawyers and attorneys can directly help you in the Dutch and English language.
Purchasing a property in Turkey as a foreigner is regulated under the reciprocal agreement. A foreigner can buy property in Turkey as compliance with these regulations. The transaction also depends on protential agreements between the country of origin of the buyer and Turkey. It is also necessary to get permission from the land register and Department of Defense.
Every property in Turkey is registered in the land registry (Tapu office) of the municipality. The title of deed contains that in case the property ownership is changed restrictive provisions could be handed over to the new owner.

Regarding the Turkish real estate law, we offer the following services:

• Drafting sale agreements• To carry out a legal dispute of property rights
• Mediation, negotiation and resolve of legal cases
• Settlement of the transfer of the property in Turkey regarding foreign buyers and / or sellers
• To carry out a cadastral research, land registry, legal research on the property and taking care of the necessary permits
• Legal assistance with leasing and all other real estate issues